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Orchard Metal




Sliding Shelf

Plan Chests

Wooden and Metal

The perfect combination for classrooms, offices or archives. Our vast experience manufacturing wooden and metal plan chests over the last 27 years, has ensured that today's product is built to last in some of the most demanding places on Earth (such as Year 10's art room).

A touch of nature

Hand built wooden plan chests stylish enough for any office and solid enough for any classroom.
Available for A0 and A1 paper.

Wooden plan chests

Traditional Heath

Precious metal

Looking for something secure? Modern design and high capacity storage makes both our metal plan chests perfect for offices or archives.

Metal plan chests

Orchard Metal Milano

Storage solutions

Need to store something other than paper?
Our sliding shelf cabinets may be designed to store a range of items including drawing boards.

Store more

Sliding shelf cabinet