Aerosol spray can

Breath easy

From practical classrooms to professional laboratories, air quality is an important safety concern. Our fully tested extraction and filtration systems ensure that harmful particulates are removed from your work space.

Extraction Booths

Getting crafty

Safety and durability are top priority for craft equipment. To cope with modern demands our cutting mats and craft rulers are designed with this (and your fingers) in mind.

Cutting Equipment

Cutting mat craft surface

Crafting the future

For most educational and professional work spaces, a safe and clean environment is key. Craft work and associated activities can be messy if the right equipment is not in place. Extracting and filtering harmful particulates from the air produced by aerosol spray paints and glues can be ensured by our spray booths. Our self healing cutting mats and craft rulers help ensure safety, and protect the table top from damage when cutting card / material in craft projects such as model making.