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Rear-Lit LED
Brightness Control
A0 - A4 sizes
Low Energy
5500K Pure White


Glass Screen
Battery Pack
RGBW Colour Control


Quality Control
Art & Design

Beam-BoxLED Light Box

From Creative to Scientific

The BeamBox aids the craft of people from all areas of industry and design. Elegant, modern and practical with features which go beyond mere function, this backlit lightbox allows you to work seamlessly on a perfectly illuminated workspace.

Hours of Powers

Portable power supply
for A2, A3 & A4

Take your light box anywhere with the super portable and super simple Powergorilla power supply.

Light Box Battery Life
A2 BeamBox 2 Hours*
A3 BeamBox 4 Hours*
A4 BeamBox 8 Hours*
* tested on maximum brightness at ambient room temperature.

LED Power

Light emitting devils packing a serious punch

Modern LED bulbs are now capable of outperforming florescent tubes in all respects. They provide better light distribution with lower heat output and use far less energy. The BeamBox is our first light box to take advantage of the benefits, bringing them together in a refined, modern design.

Splash Resistant

The unparalleled lifespan of the LED lights provided us with a unique opportunity to bring new thinking into the design of the BeamBox. With no need to give ready access to the lights, it allowed us to create a sealed unit - protected against dust and splashes.

This feature has proven popular with creatives' and scientists alike, offering an element of protection against the steady stream of hot beverages which often comes with the territory.

RGB Colour Beam

Need something more than just white?
The BeamBox is available with an RGB option. Use your smartphone precisely set the required background hue and brightness.

Size it up