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Tracing & Copying

From initial outline to accurate reproduction, the even light distribution allows you to trace up to 400 gsm


Artistic Sketch

Artists depend on consistency to refine their skills and push creative boundaries. From initial sketches for a tattoo design to putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece; a BeamBox is the perfect place.

Photography / Film

Photo Slide Viewing

Photographers can produce vast catalogues of negatives. BeamBox provides the canvas to bring your shots to life.

Health Care

X-Ray Inspection

Dentists and health centres around the world rely on developed x-ray films to get up close and personal with the details. BeamBoxes are perfect for clinical environments due to their easy to clean design.

Industrial Inspection

Quality Control

From checking for impurities in finished product to ensuring consistency in recycling materials or food. BeamBox light boxes provide the consistent, reliable light source necessary.


Architectural Scrutiny

Small details missed in the early stages can have huge implications in the construction industry. Inspecting plans and drawings in site offices is an essential safeguard.

Interior features

Bar / Restaurant

Use BeamBox to take your interior to a whole new level of sophistication. With no limit to the size or shape of our light boxes, we can create bespoke designs to inspire something truly unique.