Light Boxes & Light Tables

From drawing attention to drawing a design, our LED light boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for everything from detailed design work to large format display and inspection. We specialise in providing lighting equipment for quality control in industry and can design and manufacture large and small light tables designed for specific tasks or environments. Low energy LEDs make for low power consumption and a do not generate any heat. This makes for a consistent and safe work surface.

Light Box

BeamBox LED Light Boxes

Design the future

Rear lit, LED light box system providing a beautifully balanced back lit work surface. The modern design of the BeamBox light box is designed to inspire creativity.
How to use a light box

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LED Light Box

LED Light Boxes & Tables

The BeamBox light box and tables are manufactured by Orchard in the UK and are supplied to creative people and all industry sectors worldwide. We have made specialist inspection equipment for the likes of HM Royal Mint, Nestle and Shell as well as LED light box displays for advertising and artwork framing.

Pure white (colour corrected) light output combined with a perfectly even distribution means you can rely on identical colour reproduction - especially important for artist and designers who want to see highly accurate image representation.

Light Boxes Light Tables

BeamTec Light Tables

Rear-lit drawing boards

For highly detailed technical drawing, engineering or artistic design work a rear lit drawing surface is ideal. The BeamTec range of fully adjustable light boxes fitted with professional parallel motions.

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Beam Tec Light Tables
Super slim light box

Lighting the way

Super portable, super slim and super

Side lit acrylic screen light boxes perfect for viewing photography slides or design / tracing work. Available in A4 and A3 size and super light weight.

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Uses for Light Boxes

Find out where, when and how light boxes are used in industry, education and science.

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Uses for Light Boxes and Light Tables