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Ackworth Beam Tec

Design like never before

The Ackworth Beam Tec light table is an BeamBox light box complete with a parallel motion, fitted to an A-Frame Ackworth stand.

Models & Prices


Brightness Control
Optional Parallel Motion

Sizes for

A1 paper
A2 paper


Graphic Design
Arcitecture & Inspection

Reliable reproduction

Colour corrected LED

Available as A1 or A2 light tables with a toughened glass screen and fitted with 5500K daylight (colour corrected) LED's to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

Size it up

Work the way you want

Fully adjustable A-frame stand

The folding A-frame stand allows for height and angle adjustment and can be easily removed for storage or transport.

Straight edge

Precision machined

The aluminium straight edge features a precision machined 15mm transparent acrylic blade. The straight edge runs the full width of the drawing board. The bottom of the straight edge is rebated which allows ink pens to be used without smudging.