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Paper Storage Solutions

Our range of paper storage solutions are designed to keep your valuable documents organised and protected. Whether you're looking for an affordable and compact option or a professional and high-capacity solution, we have a product that is right for you. Additionally, our plan filing systems are built to last, made with high-quality materials and designed with durability and efficiency in mind. So you can be sure that your documents will stay safe and secure, no matter the conditions.

There are many types of paper storage solutions out there, so let us help you to find the right one for you. There are many things to consider when looking for the right system, such as how you will want to use and access your documents and what your specific space constraints may be. Also worth considering are the volumes of paper or documents you will need to store and whether they need bundling in jobs or filed as single documents.

In archive and long term storage situations, then systems such as the Vertical Plan File Cabinet offer high capacity and high density storage in a sealed and securely lockable cabinet. Plan file cabinets also have the benefit of providing easy access to any individual sheet of paper as they operate similar to a large lever-arch file.

In drawing offices where drawings are often batched or grouped together, then a plan hanging system such as Planhorse may be a better solution as groups of up to 100 sheets can be held in a single clamp. There are several options for wall mounted racks or mobile trolleys to hold and organise the clamps.

For a more traditional solution which looks great in any office or studio, then a metal or wooden plan chest could provide you with both the aesthetics and capacity you need. They do require significantly more floorspace than either a plan hanging or vertical plan file, but you get the benefit of a worktop and visually, they can be much more pleasing to the eye if they are in a prominent location.

If you need more help deciding which paper storage solution would be best for you, then do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They will break down all the options and are even able to discuss bespoke solutions if that would best meet your specific needs. We have manufactured storage furniture for over thirty years and can pretty much accommodate any request such as custom sizes, unique finishes or special functionality. Talk to us to discuss what's possible!