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Milano Metal Plan Chest sleek minimalist design

Simple and practical paper storage

The Milano metal plan chest is the perfect storage solution for architects, designers, and other professionals who need to store and organise large format documents like A0 or A1 paper. With its sleek Italian design and stylish metal construction, this plan chest not only looks great, but also provides maximum security for your valuable documents. The fully enclosed cabinet features a lockable door that keeps your papers safe and protected from dust and other elements, making it a practical and functional solution for your storage needs. Whether you're working in a busy office or a creative studio, the Milano metal plan chest is sure to make a statement and keep your workspace organised and efficient.

Models & Prices


Label Holders


A0 or A1 Paper
5 or 10 drawer


Raised Legs

Wide configuration options

Stylish, practical and safe

Available in either a 10 drawer or 5 drawer version, the Milano metal plan chest allows you to neatly organise and secure your documents, plans or artwork. For safety reasons the drawers reach a stop at the end of their travel preventing them from being accidentally removed. As standard the Milano plan chest is supplied in white or grey.

Get your legs out

Maximise storage space

For those who require a more elevated plan chest, we offer an additional option for both the A0 and A1 Milano plan chests. Our fully welded steel leg frame not only provides a sturdy foundation for your plan chest, but also offers additional storage space beneath it. This feature can prove incredibly helpful in smaller working environments where space is limited, allowing you to maximise your floor space by making use of the area underneath the plan chest.

In addition to the practical benefits, our steel leg frames also match the finish of the plan chest and are powder coated to provide a long-lasting, durable finish. The nylon feet on the leg frames are also designed to protect your floor from scratches and damage, ensuring that your working environment remains clean and professional.