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Planhorse ®

Paper Clamp Storage System

Developed in conjunction with the construction industry, Planhorse is a robust and practical front loading paper storage system for all sizes of plan - A0, A1 & A2.

Based in New Zealand, Planhorse have manufactured paper storage systems for over 25 years. The Big Orchard Ltd now manufactures the Planhorse range here in the UK and we are so confident in the product we offer an unbeatable 10 year guarantee on plan holders and a 5 year guarantee on trolleys and wall racks. Planhorse is designed to be a front loading system across all the trolleys and wall racks. This allows different sizes of clamp to fit on the same rack / trolley, as well as making it easier to access and retrieve your plan drawings.

Get carried away

The clamp and mobile trolley is a winning combination providing large capacity, versatile storage for project plans. The front loading system allows different size paper on the same trolley.

Clamp and Trolley

Plan Clamps Mobile Trolley

Writing on the wall

Making the best use of your space with wall mounted Planhorse paper storage systems. From a single clamp to up to 20 clamps for large capacity storage.

Wall Mounted Planhorse

Wall Rack

Getting to grips with Planhorse