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How to use a light box

Modern light boxes offer a world of creative possibilities. For most artists, designers and photographers they provide real time feedback on the appearance of their work; faithfully reproducing the colour tones and contrast as they would from natural light.

Depending on your area of art / design, there will be many different ways to get the most from a light box. Simple sketching and tracing through papers placed on the screen becomes easy and reliable with most professional light boxes able to illuminated enough to trace through anything up to 350gsm card.

Photographers are able to review and filter many negatives or slides simultaneously - working on entire albums or portfolios of shots at once. The blown up images can then be inspected in even greater detail with the LED back light amplifying colours and shades relatively.

Stained glass geisha by Angie Dibble

Light Box - BeamBox

With a toughened glass screen light boxes can be used for craft work. Cutting directly on to the surface of the screen and using metal tools without worrying about it leaving a scratch. For working with textiles or fabrics this can often be ideal.

Reliable clarity allows creative juices to flow without worrying about inconsistencies across the days, weeks or months of a project.

LED light boxes, such as the BeamBox by Orchard, allow you to 'see' your work (almost in an Avatar way). Rear-lit by a vast array of tiny but powerful colour corrected light emitting diodes (LED's).

Light is scattered from the tiny bulbs to prevent hot-spots as it passes through a translucent screen developed to evenly diffuse LED light frequencies.

The result is a beautifully even light source from corner to corner - the perfect platform to get creative.