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Guitar Chest

Safe & Sound

Introducing a new way to keep your guitar or other musical instruments safe and sound. The Guitar Chest from Orchard is an all-in-one storage and presentation solution for your music studio or creative space.

  • - Electric Guitars
  • - Acoustic Guitars
  • - Bass Guitars
  • - Ukulele / Violin etc
  • - Trumpets / Trombones
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Creative design for creative musicians

There are a bunch of different ways to customise your guitar chest so it looks exactly how you want.

Custom Made
We manufacture every one of our guitar chests to order. As we do it right here in the UK we can truly make exactly what you want. Custom sizes, colours, materials or finishes are all possible and we love getting our creative juices flowing!

Get in touch with us to discuss the options further and we will work with you to design the perfect set of guitar drawers for your space and taste.


Whether your style is the gun metal grey of Megadeath or full of the bright colours of Flloyd, choose from a number of fantastic combinations to best match your musical taste.

Alternatively you could match the colour to your existing space or make a statement which complements your guitars!

Check out our colour picker to get a feel for the possibilities.

Outside the box
How about framing your favourite art on the top. We can screen print it on the top material or frame a poster behind toughened glass for a really hard wearing solution which is easy to change. Vinyl wrapping parts of the guitar chest may also be a possibility if you are looking to achieve a specific texture or finish.


Although the brass on black combination would surely make Ozzy weak at the knees, if you want to do something different, then just let us know.

We can run you through a wide range of options from quality handle manufacturers readily available in the UK. Alternatively if you want to source a suitable handle and provide the ones you want, then we will happily fit them.

Outside the box
How about knotted rope handles or cut-outs in the shape of a guitar or pick? All possible.

Drawer Depth

We know that for some collections, one size does not fit all, and that is why we can make our drawers to whatever depth you need.

You may choose to devote a drawer to your effects pedals or want deeper drawers as storage bins for cables, flight cases or gig-bags.

Again, the possibilities here are endless. Looking for a chest to hold up to eight thin body electric guitars? No problem. Want a couple of deeper drawers for your acoustics or recording equipment? Again, no problem. We can even do a super deep one for a guitaron; keeping any self respecting mariachi happy.

Internal Fitout

We are showing the drawers here as single compartment lined in a thick red felt, but do you need dividers or would you like them lining with a different fabric / foam?

We will make exactly what works best for you and make sure the configuration meets your needs now and hopefully long into the future.

Outside the box
How about each drawer is an illuminated display case with a protective glass screen? Or how about a full size foam insert with a cut-out for your instrument?