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Helping develop the next generation

The minds and ambitions of the next generation of engineers, designers and artists are reliant on the tools they use to hone their skills.

Our experience.

At Orchard we have been equipping teachers and students with professional level furniture and equipment for over 30 years.

We continue this even today in the fast paced world of Computer Aided Design (CAD) where software and hardware are constantly evolving. Our products have always had a place in the classroom as students use our products to compliment their design process and work in much larger formats than they ever would on a screen.

Universities and Colleges

Architectural courses

Architecture is a subject where you struggle to escape paper without compromising. Initial sketches and layout, modification of pre-existing plans and taking reference measurements all involve dead trees.

Plus there is a tangible benefit for collaboration especially with clients. Paper provides a convenient way to gather around large format plans and develop a design.

Drawing boards and paper management solutions are used around the world by architects, so it is only natural to find them where it all begins - in the universities. Our approach to build quality ensures that everything we make lasts years of hard service in both student and professional environments.

Find out more about how we help architects.

Engineering courses

Engineering covers a wide range of industries from structural to civil and technical design. But for all engineering related design work, detail and precision is critical. Developing these skills at university and college is only made possible by using tools which match up to these demands.

Students around the UK typically learn these skills on CAD in conjunction with professional grade drafting tables fitted with drafting machines like the A0 or A1 Mutoh. These tools, along with a sharp pencil and a sharp eye, give up and coming designers creative freedom and precision at hand.

Find out more about how we help engineers in construction.

Design courses

There are a huge range of courses orientated around design. From clothing and textiles to graphic design and art. As well as using drawing boards and even drafting tables for many aspects of design work, light boxes and light tables are hugely useful especially for collaborative workflow.

Having a large and consistently lit work surface which eliminates shadows and highlights the details, can be an invaluable resource for a wide range of design challenges.

How our products help designers.

Secondary & Primary Education

Pro tools for the classroom

Drawing boards aren't just for technical drawing and design. Imagine being able to set up your creative workspace for painting exactly how you want. Our drawing tables allow easy adjustment of height and angle, providing a large flat work surface ideal for multiple drawing areas or reference material to surround your artwork.

Our plan chests offer storage solutions to organise and protect your work in any classroom or art studio setting.

How our products help artists.

Brighten Up The Classroom

Colour is always a welcome addition to any nursery or primary school classroom.

We can modify any of our wooden or metal plan chests to create two-tone, three-tone or completely multi-coloured finishes which can match existing colours schemes (or not!)

Metal Plan Chests | Wooden Plan Chests