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Drawing Boards Vs Drafting Tables

Drawing Board vs Drafting Table


Drawing boards have a simple parallel motion system providing a horizontal ruler which glides up or down the board surface. More suited for architects, artists and students, the board can be used for a multitude of applications however the horizontal ruler is often used alongside set squares and protractors for detailed design work.

Drafting tables on the other hand have a built in fully adjustable drafting head which can be set at any angle and at any position on the board surface. They are suited for precision work therefore ideal for engineers and designers doing complex technical drawings.

Along with its maneuverability the drafting head can also be locked in any position; vertically, horizontally or at any point around its 360 degree rotational axis. This makes drawing full width or height parallel lines simple in any direction.


Ultimately all types of design work, no matter how complex, can be achieved with a professional level of accuracy using either a drawing board or drafting table. All around the globe today architects, designers, artists, engineers and students are using Orchard technical drawing equipment to help build the world we live in.


If you've ever just fancied getting your toes wet in the design world, a desk top drawing board is the best place to start. With a basic horizontal sliding ruler and no complex techniques to learn, you can be designing within a matter of minutes. The great thing about our drawing boards though, is that they are not just made for beginners, we build them to last with robust components and exacting quality control standards. Intended for years of hard service they will undoubtedly be an investment for your future no matter which level of design work you find yourself on. Call us now and our friendly team will give you free advice to help you choose the drawing table best for you.


One obvious benefit to the drafting machine is they feature clear acrylic rulers with scaled increments. These allow you to resize drawings to fit your format and take measurement from diagrams which have been scaled up or down. Knowing which scale is which, could not be easier with clearly marked increments and labels.


We do not send any of our drawing boards or drafting tables in flat pack unless specifically asked. As a manufacturer we believe it is our job to put the bits together and your job to appreciate the results. This means that our drawing boards and drafting tables are ready to go straight from the box with minimum effort.

All our drawing boards go through rigorous testing and accurate set-up before packaging. We carefully inspect every part and set the straight edge perfectly horizontal.

For secure transport, our desk top drafting table are sent without their drafting machine attached but fixing it on is only a 5 minute job.


The manufacturing quality is the same for both our drafting tables and drawing boards.