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Tecnostyl TS-2 360 degree drafting machine

Bring on the detail

The Tecnostyl TS-2 360° professional drafting machine is supplied with calibrated drafting scales and is easily mounted to a an existing A0 or A1 table.

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Professional Grade
360 Degree Head Movement

Size for

A0 paper
A1 paper

Precision adjustment

Reliable locking and orientation

The vertical and horizontal motion can be locked independently allowing full width and full height lines to be drawn. The drafting head locks the angle of the scales automatically every 15° but may be locked at any angle using the friction brake.

Drafting scale rulers

Calibration & dimensional stability

Our new scale rules are calibrated with the following metric scales: 1:1, 1:2.5, 1:5

As standard A0 drafting scales have a 500mm horizontal and 350mm vertical ruler. The A1 pair have a 400mm horizontal and a 300mm vertical ruler.

Custom sizes

As standard our A0 drafting machines are designed to fit 1500 x 920mm board and A1 at 1100 x 920mm. Should you have a specific size requirement for your drafting table we are able to provide oversized or non standard versions of this drafting machine. We can modify these drafting machines to fit standard A0 or A1 boards if required.