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Priory Drawing Board Desk top drawing board

Quality & Precision

Ideal for design professionals and students alike, the Priory Deluxe drawing board is fitted with a counter-balanced parallel motion and desk top Priory frame.

Models & Prices


Angle Adjustment

Sizes for

A1 paper
A2 paper
A3 paper

Parallel motions

Counter-balanced PM
Cross-wire PM
Available with a drafting machine

Simple Adjustment

Work the way you want

With its unique angle adjustment system the welded steel Priory frame provides thirteen different working positions:

  • A1 - 0° to 60°
  • A2 - 0° to 45°
  • A3 - 0° to 40°

Size it up

Straight Edge

Pure precision

The aluminium straight edge features a precision machined 15mm transparent acrylic blade. The straight edge runs the full width of the drawing board. The bottom of the straight edge is rebated which allows ink pens to be used without smudging.

Parallel motion options

Priory desktop drawing boards can be fitted with either a Counter-Weight or Continuous Cross-Wire parallel motion.
Find out more about the differences here.

Counter Weight PM

For prolonged drawing and design work the counter-balanced parallel motion reduces the weight of the straight edge mechanism to provide a floating feather-light action. A1 A2

Crosswire PM

Simple and effective - the crosswire or 'continuous' wire parallel motion is a compact and sturdy mechanism which ensures a smooth action. A1 A2 A3

Starting a Design Course?

A1 | A2 | A3

Durability, practicality and a robust design make the Priory drawing board suitable for colleges or other educational environments. It is available for A1, A2 or A3 size paper with either a counter-balanced or continuous cross-wire parallel motion. Read more about starting a design course.


A1 Priory Drawing Board Counter-weight

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  • Parallel Motion Type - Counter-weight
  • Frame Finish - Black
  • Paper Size - A1
  • Working area - 920 x 650mm
  • Angle - 13 stages
  • Weight - 12kg
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Lifetime warranty
£188.40Inc. £31.40 VAT

A1 Priory Drawing Board Cross-wire

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  • Parallel Motion Type - Continuous Cross-Wire
  • Stand Colour - Black
  • Paper Size - A1
  • Board Size - 920 x 650mm
  • Angle - 13 stage
  • Weight - 12kg
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Lifetime warranty
£159.60Inc. £26.60 VAT

A2 Priory Drawing Board Cross-wire

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  • Parallel Motion Type - Continuous Cross-wire
  • Stand Colour - Black
  • Paper Size - A2
  • Board Size - 650 x 470mm
  • Angle - 13 stage
  • Weight - 8kg
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Lifetime warranty
£134.40Inc. £22.40 VAT