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Make Your Coin and Medal Collection Shine

Catalogue your collection

As a coin or medal collector, it's easy to accumulate a vast collection over time. However, with a large collection, it can be challenging to keep everything organized and cataloged. With Orchard's metal plan chests, collectors have a perfect solution to store and organise their collections.

Orchard's plan chests come in a range of colours to suit any decor, and collectors can choose from different drawer sizes, including 6, 8, or 10-drawer options. The drawers are perfect for storing coins or medals, and collectors can use dividers to keep each item separate and organised.

To ensure added security, collectors can fit the drawers with clear acrylic lids and locks. This way, collectors can easily see what is inside each drawer without having to open it, making cataloging and organisation a breeze.

For added convenience, Orchard's plan chests are stackable, making them ideal for collectors with limited space. The stacking feature means that collectors can easily expand their collection over time and stack plan chests to suit their needs.

To ensure that coins and medals remain in good condition, collectors should keep them away from humidity and dust. Orchard's metal plan chests are designed to keep your collection in pristine condition, as they are made from high-quality materials that keep moisture and dust out.

In addition to storing and organising your collection, Orchard's metal plan chests can also double as a work surface. The top of the plan chest is an ideal place to spread out and inspect coins or medals, as it provides a flat surface for collectors to work on.

Maintaining Orchard's metal plan chests is easy, and collectors should wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth periodically. To protect the top of the plan chest, collectors can use a surface protector or cutting mat, which can double as an inspection table.

When choosing the right size of plan chest, collectors should consider the size of their collection and their future expansion plans. For example, if a collector has a large collection and plans to expand it further, they may want to choose a larger size plan chest to accommodate future growth.

In summary, Orchard's metal plan chests are an excellent investment for coin and medal collectors looking for a practical, secure, and stylish way to store and organize their collection. With different sizes and color options available, collectors can choose the perfect plan chest to suit their collection and their personal style. The drawers with clear acrylic lids and locks provide an added layer of security, while the stackable design makes it easy to expand your collection over time. By keeping your collection stored and organized with Orchard's metal plan chests, you can ensure that your coins and medals remain in pristine condition for years to come.