Bretton Drawing Board Ultra-portable & fully featured

Student-proof design

The Bretton drawing board is a portable, light-weight drawing board. Featuring a continuous cross-wire parallel motion and sturdy fold out legs and carry handle.

Models & Prices
Bretton Portable Drawing Board
Bretton Portable Drawing Board

Get Carried Away

Versatile and practical

With a compact layout the Bretton drawing board is a must for any student where practical use of space is key. Easy to store, transport and having a high level of accuracy makes it ideal for all students or design enthusiasts. When folded flat the Bretton legs form a carry handle and when in a raised position form a working angle on the desktop.

Straight Edge

Precise engineering
for precise engineering

A1 & A2 Bretton drawing boards have an aluminium straight edge with a precision 15mm acrylic blade along the drawing edge and an inking edge along the bottom. A3 Bretton boards are fitted with a narrower acrylic straight edge to maximise working area.

Straight Edge Profile