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Drawing to an End

As the yearly purchasing cycle of UK schools, colleges and universities draws to a close, those that supply the industry take a deep breath.

The quiet before the storm provides an unnerving tranquility - a short period of relative peace before the purchasing cycle for the next educational year begins.

Classrooms ready to upgrade their equipment, students in need of the tools for their upcoming courses. With class sizes always being pushed year on year and budgets being squeezed more than ever, space, efficiency and longevity have become increasingly important.

There is a very good reason why art and design departments don't buy their furniture from IKEA; they need fully assembled equipment which will withstand the rigours of school life.

From pre-school to professional environments, Orchard are trusted the world over to manufacture furniture not only fit for purpose, but stylish and practical. As well as producing world class paper storage, drawing equipment and light boxes, we also can provide ongoing maintenance and servicing plans for any of our products.

Servicing Plans

Although most artist and designers are capable of a delicate touch, the fact is that several terms of heavy use can leave even our most rugged drawing equipment in need of at least a clean. We have many different servicing plans based on the equipment you have, all of which replace or repair any worn parts on an ongoing basis. Ensuring all your units remain fully functional year round is key to running a smooth drawing or art class.

Delivery and Installation

Knowing the time and logistical issues involved with replacing or furbishing a classroom, you can rely on Orchard to remove some of the hassle (and some of the old furniture if you wish!). Our professionally trained team can deliver and fully install any of our drawing tables, plan chests or light box tables and get the room ready for students.