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Denby Drawing Board with counter-sprung stand

Professional By Design

The Denby drawing table is fitted with a counter-balanced parallel motion and a heavy duty spring-assisted twin column floor stand.

With complete height and angle adjustment it provides all the features a professional designer could require in sizes from A1 to 2A0.

Models & Prices


Counter-sprung stand
Height adjustment
Angle adjustment

Sizes for

2A0 paper
A0 paper
A1 paper

Parallel Motion

Available with a drafting machine

Get your size right

2A0 | A0 | A1

Denby floor standing drawing tables are fitted with a counter balanced parallel motion and spring-assisted twin column stand.

Perfect for professional drawing and design work. Available for 2A0, A0 or A1 paper.

Drawing Board Size guide

The Denby Drawing board is also available in 2A0 (1850 x 1270mm)

Put your foot down

Foot operated adjustment

The foot operated spring-assisted floor stand is fully adjustable and is able to lock the drafting table position at different heights and angles between horizontal and 80°. Its smooth action makes the adjustments effortless. Locking castors may be fitted if required.

Straight Edge

Draw with precision

The aluminium straight edge features a precision machined 15mm transparent acrylic blade. The straight edge runs the full width of the drawing board. The bottom of the straight edge is rebated which allows ink pens to be used without smudging.


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A0 Denby Drawing Board

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  • Parallel Motion Type - Counter Weight
  • Stand Colour - White
  • Max Paper Size - A0
  • Board Size - 1270 x 920mm
  • Height & Angle adjustment
  • Weight - 59kg
  • Supplied fully assembled
£902.40Inc. £150.40 VAT
0% Finance Available

A1 Denby Drawing Board

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  • Parallel Motion Type - Counter Weight
  • Stand Colour - White
  • Paper Size - A1
  • Board Size - 920 x 650mm
  • Height & Angle adjustment
  • Weight - 49kg
  • Supplied fully assembled
£866.40Inc. £144.40 VAT
0% Finance Available

A1X Denby Mutoh Drafting Table

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  • Board Size - 1100 x 650mm
  • Paper Size - A1
  • Machine - Mutoh LAN-A1 360°
  • Horizontal Ruler - 400mm
  • Vertical Ruler - 250mm
  • Height and Angle Adjustment
  • Machine Adjustment 360°
  • Stand - White with Black Feet
  • Weight - 55kg
£2055.60Inc. £342.60 VAT