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Light Table for Quality Inspection of PVC Film


Riflex, a leading manufacturer of PVC films, is at the forefront of developing a new generation of PVC films for a range of applications. The company has extensive knowledge of the different process conditions and ingredients that affect the appearance, printability, shrinkage, and long-term dimensional stability of the film. They also have advanced knowledge of how different additives and surface structures interact with different printing and coating applications. All their products are designed to meet or exceed the customer's requirements in terms of fire resistance, environmental concerns, UV resistance, printability and flexibility over their lifetime.

Riflex Film approached us to help them develop a suitable large format inspection table to aid with their quality control procedures. Due to the nature of their product, a single large light table was the logical solution to help them identify defects and contaminants in the surface for the PVC films they produce.

Customer Requirements

Height Adjustable - Electronic height adjustment to adapt the table for a variety of operator heights.

Large Format - Capable of handling full width rolls.

On-site Assembly - Installation required in Sweden.

PVC film is a versatile and durable material used for a range of applications, from protective gear in nuclear plants, to heating and insulation films for pipes and steel sheets. As a manufacturer of PVC films, it's crucial to ensure that the products produced meet the required standards in terms of quality, safety and performance. One of the ways to achieve this is by using light tables during the production process.

Light tables, also known as light boxes, are illuminated surfaces that provide bright and even light to help inspect the quality and consistency of a material. In the production of PVC film, light tables are used to identify any thin areas, holes or inconsistencies in the film, ensuring that the final product meets the desired standards. This is especially important when the PVC film is used for applications that require high levels of protection and durability.

The use of light tables in PVC film production also offers the benefits of low heat output, which minimises the risk of damaging the film during the inspection process. Additionally, colour corrected light helps to identify any colour variations or inconsistencies, which are critical factors in ensuring that the film meets the customer's specifications.

Riflex uses light tables in their laboratory to provide deep knowledge about the product's properties and to ensure that the PVC film meets the desired standards. The laboratory provides a controlled environment for testing and evaluating the film's properties and performance, ensuring that the final product meets the customer's requirements.

Riflex's commitment to quality and safety is demonstrated by their full compliance with RoHS 3 and REACH, including the latest SVHC list. The company works closely with customers to develop products that meet their specific needs and to provide innovative products that offer superior performance and added value.

In conclusion, light tables are an essential tool in the production of PVC film, providing a bright and even light source to inspect the quality and consistency of the film. They help manufacturers ensure that the final product meets the desired standards in terms of safety, performance, and quality, and provide a controlled environment for testing and evaluating the film's properties. With the use of light tables, PVC film manufacturers like Riflex can provide customers with high-quality products that offer superior performance and added value.