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Illuminated Measurement Booth

Project Olypsys Technologies

Olypsys Technologies are a UK based software company which have developed an application to accurately image and measure O-Rings.

The technology works through iOS and Android devices to image an o-ring against a proprietary calibration grid with cloud based software delivering results accurate to 1000th of an inch or 25.4 μm. The software is designed to account for wear on used / perished o-rings and can also be used for qualification of brand new o-rings in situations where precise identification is vital.

Commonly used in the aerospace and other engineering sectors, the need for precision in most cases is critical. Improved image consistency naturally leads to improved accuracy and so Olypsys approached us to help develop a dedicated imaging booth. This would ensure controllable and repeatable photographs taken under ideal lighting conditions which in turn would improve measurement accuracy.

Customer requirements & Brief

Easy Self Assembly
As many of these booths would require shipment to North America, Australia and Europe it was important to make them flat pack with but with minimal self-assembly. The booth needed to be three sided, detachable and able to pack down in the box along with the light box and power supply.

Adjustable Shelf Height
Depending on the size of the o-ring the distance the camera phone needs placing from it will vary. Eight distances were required to optimise the image based on the o-ring dimensions ranging from just a few millimetres up to 300mm. A shelf would be required which can be set at the correct height from the illuminated surface. The shelf would need a soft non-slip surface with a central hole (for the camera) and lock securely in position.

Grid Retention
For consistency the printed grid which sits on the illuminated surface would need retaining. Without obstructing the grid, the mechanism for retaining the grid would need to be easy to release and swap the grid.

Modern practical design
It must be both durable and intuitive with suitable opportunities for branding.

Easy to clean
A minimal design which resists dust and moisture ingress with materials which are easily cleaned and maintained.

Low voltage architecture
A low voltage system would reduce electrical hazards to an operator and make clean down with water or other conductive fluids far safer.