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Paper Inspection Table

From bank notes to tissue paper, the paper production process in notoriously tricky for consistency. Quality control and regular inspection of the finished paper roll or sheet is therefore critical.


For quite literally hundreds of years, Arjowiggins have been producing fine and custom made papers to service customers around the world. The skills and technologies they have developed place them at the forefront of paper production and their quality control department required an upgrade to their roll inspection area. They wanted to be able to load a roll of paper on one side of an inspection table, roll it out and visually inspect it for defects with both rear and overhead lights.

Customer requirements

  • - 2m x 3m Work Space
  • - Glass Screen
  • - Overhead Light Bar / Gantry
  • - Timer Switch
  • - Dimmable

The Brief

Supply of a large 3m x 2m light table with fixed angle work surface. The table must feature a full width integrated paper roll holder full width along the back edge of the table. There must be an overhead gantry with powerful down-lights and full height and angle adjustment of the overhead lights. Independent switching and brightness control over the table and the overhead lights. Timed power switch so the table is not left on for extended periods.

Delivery and installation required to Scotland.