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Trade Show Battery Display


Advanced Innergy Solutions Ltd are a manufacturer of passive fire protection systems, as well as other advanced materials and products which deliver mission-critical solutions for the energy, industrial, automotive, chemical and marine sectors.

One of their key products is a fire protection material designed to separate prismatic battery cells in electric vehicles, and they were keen to increase awareness of this product.

In order to showcase this material at upcoming trade exhibitions, AIS approached us to design and build an illuminated display unit which would clearly demonstrate the application.

They had the idea to have illuminated faux prismatic batteries. One of these 'batteries' would be coloured red indicating a failure such as thermal runaway in that individual cell. The separator material could then be shown to insulate adjacent batteries preventing damage to the rest of the battery pack and ultimately protecting the vehicle.

Customer requirements & Brief

As it was to be used as a demonstration tool at trade fairs around the world, the unit needed to be able to pack securely in a small flight case and be light enough to carry on a flight. We struck a balance between being light weight, yet sturdy enough to withstand constant handling and transport.

Brand Match
We carefully selected a paint finish to exactly match the corporate colours and during the design phase introduced the idea to incorporate an illuminated AIS logo in the box.

Bright & Impactful
As the primary purpose was as a trade show exhibit it needed to be visually stimulating with bold colours and interesting to look at. We spent time ensuring that the red and blue colours would be vibrant and illuminated well by the light box. We doubled the brightness of the LEDs to provide the biggest visual punch and made sure that the Perspex choice maximised colour.