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BeamWall Light Wall

A massively bright idea


Custom Built
Brightness Control
Integrated gutter


3m x 2m
Others available

LED Map Viewer

The ultimate solution for large scale viewing needs, the 3m x 2m BeamWall is a wall-mounted light box that provides professional-grade lighting for maps, plans, and other large format documents. The colour corrected, high efficiency 5,500K LED system provides even, precise light distribution for meticulous work, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including engineering, architecture, and design. The sleek, wall-mounted design also saves valuable floor space in your workspace, providing a clean and organised solution for your large scale viewing needs.

Ultimate Glass Light Wall

The BeamWall, with its 10mm thick toughened glass screen, provides a flat, durable, and scratch-resistant surface that's easy to clean and perfect for reviewing large format plans, maps, or artwork. The built-in diffuser spreads the light evenly across the screen, providing a bright and well-lit surface for detailed work. The glass surface is completely scratch-resistant, ensuring that your work stays sharp and clear for years to come. Additionally, the wall-mounted design provides the ultimate in convenience, giving you the space you need to work on larger projects without sacrificing desk space. And with colour-corrected, 5500K high-efficiency LEDs, you can be sure that your work is lit with a bright, even light that faithfully reproduces the original colours.

5,500°K from 5.5K

With 5,500 LED's the BeamWall produces perfectly even light distribution calibrated to 5,500°K colour temperature which ensures a pure white light. This helps prevents colour screw or distortion on anything you work on.

Fully dimming

The large wall mounted light box provides ample space for all kinds of creative work, with its smooth and evenly illuminated surface. But what sets it apart is the dimming system that gives you complete control over the brightness. Whether you prefer a bright light or a softer glow, the dimming system makes it easy to adjust the light to your liking.

You can do this either via the wall mounted dimmer control unit, which is conveniently placed for easy access, or via the remote control, which allows you to make adjustments from a distance. This means you can fine-tune the lighting as you work, without having to interrupt your flow. So if you're looking for a large light box that offers both versatility and control, this wall mounted option could be just what you need.

Installation on site