BeamWall Light Wall

A massively bright idea


LED Map Viewer

The 3m x 2m wall mounted BeamWall is the ultimate light box for viewing maps or large format plans. Perfect light distribution from colour corrected, 5.5K high efficency LEDs ensures an even surface for detailed work.

BeamWall Light Wall

Ultimate Glass Light Wall

Featuring a single 10mm toughened glass screen, the BeamWall provides a smooth flat and strong surface from which to work. Easy to clean and completely scratch resistant. The integrated diffuser disperses light right beneath the screen to bring you closer to the action.

Glass screen LED light box

5500K from 5.5K

With 5,500 LED's the BeamWall produces perfectly even light distribution calibrated to 5500K colour temperature which ensures a pure white light. This helps prevents colour screw or distortion on anything you work on.

5500K colour corrected LED light output

Fully dimming

The dimming system gives fine control over the brightness either via the wall mounted dimmer control unit, or the remote control.

remote control dimmer

Installation on site.