Ackworth Drawing Table with 360° drafting machine

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The Ackworth Drafting table is fitted with the Tecnostyl TS-2 360° drafting machine and floor standing Ackworth A-frame stand.

Models & Prices
Ackworth Drafting Table
Tecnostyl 360 Drafting Machine

Tecnostyl TS-2

360° Drafting Machine

Designed for professional use, the TS-2 drafting machine is both robust and easy to use whilst offering precision and a full range of movement.

A0 and A1 Drafting Table

Size yourself up

A0 | A1

The surface of the Ackworth drafting table is slightly wider than standard which reserves a space for the vertical arm of the drafting machine whilst still retaining sufficient area for A0 or A1 paper.

Work the way you want

Free-standing frame

The free standing Ackworth A-frame offers height and angle adjustment and may be easily removed from the board for transport or storage purposes.

Ackworth Free Standing Folding Frame
Drafting Scale Rulers

Drafting Scale Rulers

Precision you can measure

As standard the drafting machine is supplied with 1:1, 1:1.25 and 1:5 metric scale rules. Please contact us if your requirements are different.