technical drawing drafting machine

The ultimate design tool

Modern technical drawing is all about precision. The Tecnostyl TS2 drafting machine is professional grade equipment designed for designing the 21st century.

Drafting tables fitted with TS-2

Broken your ruler?

Scale ruler modification is no problem. We can easily adapt our new drafting scales to fit your drafting machine. Contact us for info. Alternatively, swap out the complete drafting machine on your A1 or A0 board.

drafting machine scale rulers
portable drafting table

When compact is key

The super portable A2 Portobello drafting table is fitted with high specification drafting machine for semi-professional, technical work.

Portable drafting tables

Italian Tecnostyl Drafting Machines

For more than 50 years Tecnostyl Italy have been manufacturing high quality precision drafting machines for the engineering and architectural sectors. Their constant strive for excellence and wealth of experience has resulted in the modern drafting machines of today - the TS-2 (A0 and A1) and TOM (A2). These drafting machines are the benchmark from which all others are made. Strength, reliability and accuracy run through their entire design, ensuring that draftsmen and engineers of all levels of ability can effortlessly produce highly detailed scale drawings and take precise measurements.