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Acrylic Display Systems

Acrylic Display Stands, Product Displays, Point of Sale

Nothing says class like a piece of precision machined and polished acrylic. With the appearance of glass but much more practical, acrylic may be fashioned into the ideal shape for displays of branding or eye catching artwork.

Expect the best

At Orchard, we know what you expect; to showcase your company in the best possible way whilst keeping overheads down. Our ranges of stunning acrylic display solutions from free standing display stands, menu boards to table top magnetic display frames and leaflet holders.

Crafted for maximum exposure

Designed with the customer in mind, our product display systems allow you to quickly and easily produce prominent displays which are clear, informative and approachable. Prime placement systems can often be a superb way to give your customer one last chance to buy at the point of sale.

Inform your audience

Along with product placement, point of sale areas can serve as valuable information points for customers. Promotional material, leaflets and brochures may be displayed through one of our many counter top acrylic sign holders.