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Mast Kit 8x 1/3 A4 Ice Trays and SailMAST007

£308.40 inc VAT
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8x Acrylic Trays 4x Round Shelves 8x Double Leaflet Pockets 8x A4 Pockets 4x Acrylic Trays and Sail 4x Tec Shelves and Sail 4x Double Leaflet Pockets 4x A4 Pockets 4x A3 Brochure Shelves 9x A4 Tec Shelves (Silver)
Creating a double sided leaflet display for 1/3 A4 leaflets. With 8 x clear acrylic Ice trays and large semi-circular sail for branding graphics.
  • Shelf Type - Leflet / Brochure Pocket
  • Feature - Sail
  • Shelf Size - Double leaflet pockets
  • Total Shelves - 8
  • Configuration - Back-to-back