A1 Priory Drawing Board Cross-wire DT03

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    Compact and highly versatile, the A1 Priory drawing board with cross-wire parallel motion is a great all rounder for professionals and students.

    Featuring 13 stages of angle adjustment, this A1 desktop drawing board has a 920 x 650mm working area which easily accommodates A1 paper. A1 is often the largest size for most student design projects.

    The cross-wire parallel motion is both compact and accurate with a precision machined drawing edge and smooth action thanks to steel roller bearings.

    Its perfectly smooth drawing surface fold completely flat making this a reliable and super portable A1 drawing board. The frame holds closed for transport or storage thanks to magnetic catches.

    Supplied with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

    • Parallel Motion Type - Continuous Cross-Wire
    • Stand Colour - Black
    • Paper Size - A1
    • Board Size - 920 x 650mm
    • Angle - 13 stage
    • Weight - 12kg
    • Supplied fully assembled
    • Lifetime warranty