A0X Ackworth Drafting Table DRU03

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    For professional, highly detailed design work, the A0 Ackworth Drafting Table gives you all the important features.

    With a 360 degree drafting machine for precise measurement and scaling of drawings you are able to accurately define and read the details of any technical drawing or plan.

    The 1500 x 920mm working area offers plenty of space for standard A0 paper, plus enough to park the vertical arm of the drafting machine to one side away from the paper.

    The 500mm horizontal and 350mm vertical rulers have an aluminium core and clear acrylic drawing edge and are scaled for 1:1, 1:2 and 1:5 metric.

    The Italian drafting machine allows you to securely lock the rotation and position of the scales at any point on the board whist featuring independent locking mechanisms for the vertical and horizontal travel of the track arms.

    With its folding A-Frame stand, A0 Ackworth drafting tables are an economical way to take on large scale, detailed, professional technical drawings.

    • Board Size - 1500 x 920mm
    • Paper Size - A0
    • Machine - Tecnostyl TS-2 360°
    • Metric Scale - 1:1 / 1:2.5 / 1:5
    • Horizontal Ruler - 500mm
    • Vertical Ruler - 350mm
    • Height and Angle Adjustment
    • Full Stand Adjustment
    • Stand - White
    • Weight - 35kg