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A brief history of business cards

The art of exchanging information via a small piece of paper can be dated back to 15th century. Yet business cards are still tremendously popular today. Some opinions are that such cards are a thing of the past, yet 27,397,260 cards are produced daily. How has something so small become so favoured in every industry?

Trends for cards began in Asia from the 15th century, they were known as visiting cards. There purpose was for the upper class to declare intentions of meeting someone, a self-promotion hoping to make a good first impression.

In the 17th century the popularity had spread from Asia to Europe. Society deemed a persons success or failure was down to how well they promoted themselves. As cards evolved so did the etiquette that should be used with them. How many cards should be given to a household, who to leave cards with and when to give cards, were just some of the rules that should be followed.

Taking inspiration from visiting cards merchants in the late 17th Century began to create 'trade cards'. Displayed on the cards would be the location of the business and the service offered. A great promotional tool when handed out in public, and to establish links with other businesses. Thus the creation of the business card, and through the 18th, 19th and 20th century they continued to advance. Techniques such as letter pressing and engraving were used, and finally in the 19th century coloured cards.

Now in the 21st century we have access to many resources, allowing business cards to be truly striking and innovative. But with so many business cards produced daily where are they displayed? It's wonderful to have them, but if they are kept in suit pockets they can be easily forgotten.

The solution to this problem would be our business card holders. We have a variety of different designs, all made from timeless acrylic. Have your business cards visible on your office desk, or carry them around in our modern acrylic case. Now you can have your business card on a professional display to everyone, and offer a view into your world.