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An open letter to those effected by the demise of Godfrey Syrett.

Godfrey Syrett have closed their doors as administrators KPMG were sent in on the 8th January 2019.

They were a manufacturer of furniture and had three locations in the North East of England. Orchard have supplied some of the more specialist products to Godfrey Syrett for many years and are now in a position to supply any customers effected directly with those same products. These would include plan chests in wood and metal, light boxes and light tables as well as drawing tables and drawing boards.

They had longstanding relationships with companies, schools and universities throughout the UK and at Orchard we can offer the same or better trading terms.

If you have been effected by any of the points covered here and would like to discuss continued supply of products, please contact us on 01924 291333.