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Drawing & Drafting Equipment

Need a drawing board or drafting table? Look no further - making drawing equipment is what we do and we're rather good at it! From desktop to free standing drawing boards and drafting equipment we can help you get designing like never before.

Depending on what type of drawing or design work you do, the type of drawing or drafting equipment you need could be different. First of all ask yourself if a portable or a fixed solution would be best.

If you are a student working in several locations or a hobby / enthusiast designer who only work occasionally, then a portable desktop drawing board or drafting machine is the likely best solution. Similarly if you have a dedicated work space, studio or office and have the room, then a floor standing drawing or drafting table may be more suitable; providing you with more convenience and in most cases a larger workspace to spread out on.

Then, depending on the type of drawing work you do, you need to choose between a drawing board with a parallel motion or a drafting machine. For most hobby design and drawing tasks, a drawing board or even a calligraphy board (ideal of calligraphy writing oddly enough) are perfect. Also, most student designers benefit from a more compact drawing board with parallel motion. For high end graphic designers and technical engineering work or architects who need to work at different scales, then a drafting machine is likely to be more suitable. This makes it easier to work with a greater level of precision right across your drawing and provides scope to draw and measure at various different metric scales.

If you need help in deciding which would be the best solution for you, then do not hesitate to call us and speak to our helpful sales team on 01924 291333. We can talk you through all the options and even discuss bespoke solutions for your specific needs. We have manufactured specialist drawing and drafting equipment for artists, designers and engineers for over thirty years and we can make almost anything, so contact us now and see how we can help.